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Posted Wed 23 January 2019

I’ll happily while away hours in a museum or rootling around in an antiques shop. Give me a bonnet drama over a police procedural any day. Fine wine and mature cheddar, vintage cars, retro styling and priceless antiques: I love a bit of age. I guess that’s just as well because that’s what I see when I look in the mirror. The face staring back is preloved, albeit with one careful owner, a lady driver.

I used to worry about my age, coyly avoiding revealing how old I was. I’d smile and giggle when the bus driver asked: ‘You two sisters then?’ when I was out with my daughter. For a moment I could kid myself that he really meant it. But then a school friend, the nicest girl in the class, salt of the earth, lost her battle with cancer. If it was merit based, she would have lived the longest of any of us. This brought me up short: why on earth would I hide my age? I am lucky enough to be alive, to have years which many are not given. I should sing my age from the rooftops with gratitude.

So here I am: wrinkled, cheeks heading south, age spots on my hands. But I’ve a head full of stories, tunes and poems to fill my mind. I can rustle up a cake, clean a cut knee, embarrass my kids as fast as I run to hug them. If you’ve ever typed the words ‘smiling emoji’ because you can’t find where it’s gone on your phone, then join my club.

But while I am resigned to my kids rolling their eyes, I don’t want them to actually recoil in horror at the mole on my face or the sags above my eyes. I am happy in my age, I just want to look the best version of myself. I’m after a tweakment that’ll have them saying: ‘Wow Mum, you’re looking good!’ without being able to quite put their finger on what’s different.

I need to talk to someone I can trust to be honest, who’ll tell me what does, but more importantly what does not, need doing. Someone with my best interests at heart. You may not be a plastic surgery person, but give DRG Plastic Surgery a call. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. So happy New Year to happy old you – may 2019 bring all you hope for. (blowing kiss emoji)

Catherine Cowen writing as Patience Wellbeing, Plastic Surgery Blogger