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Posted Wed 29 May 2019

Some patients have surgery that is not a routine plastic surgery procedure but can be life changing, as this patient relates:

Following four long years waiting for a NHS operation to tighten the lower left eyelid, I gave up as they had completely lost track of me twice and I had to go back through the referral process each time, and then it was constant appointment date reschedule followed by more reschedules. 11 reschedules alone from May 2018 until Nov 2018.

By this time late Oct 2018 the left eye was so affected by any draught even behind glasses and the sun was an utter pain even behind tightly fitting prescription sun glasses so I was all but house bound, even then I needed the curtains drawn on sunny days. Driving was not an option.

I contacted Mr Gateley to see if my eye requirement was something he could help me with. In less than a week I had seen Mr Gateley and a few days after that I was given a provisional operation date

I had a successful set of pre op tests and duly arrived for the operation. I was seen by all the operation staff, consultants etc and was then wheeled down for my op at 0830 and was back in my room by 1200. The operation had been a complete and utter success and I was discharged the following day Within a week I was able to go out of doors, windy or sunny, with just my normal reading glasses on and did not suffer at all, I suddenly had a life back, it was so quick, I could not believe it. Now I could start to plan holidays, weekends away and get back into my film making hobby.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Mr Gateley and his complete team for their help and guidance through this whole process, and assure them I am once again leading a full and active life. Thank you to you all. a very contented ex patient of Mr Gateley

Our thanks to this patient for finding time to write of his experience.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger