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Posted Wed 5 June 2019

If an injured patient rings us, we move very quickly. Most likely they’ve been seen in A&E and would like reassurance or expert advice on what next. In the heat of the moment, in pain and distress, they were patched up and now, in the cold light of day, they may have a few questions.

One patient writes about his treatment by Mr Gateley following an injury at work:

I contacted DRG Plastic Surgery after I injured my hand due to an accident at work. My daughter has had a lot of previous surgery with Dr Gateley and received the highest level of care throughout. I was given a very quick appointment and the secretary team were most helpful. Everything from understanding my needs to sorting paperwork and booking appointments - they were brilliant. Everything was made so easy and straightforward.

Having my first consultation with Dr Gateley left me feeling at ease and reassured that the procedure and recovery was going to be a lot better and easier than I had originally thought. I chose to have a local anaesthetic and throughout the procedure Dr Gateley chatted to me and told me step by step, everything he was doing. He took his time, there was no element of rushing and his team were great. He is very down to earth, very funny and you feel like you have known him for a lifetime.

I cannot thank Dr Gateley and his team enough for all that he’s done and how fantastic he really is. From start to finish I received the best care. My daughter and I highly recommend him and are very grateful for meeting a surgeon as incredible as him.

So should the worse happen, and you find yourself with a wound, wondering what to do next, just give us a call. You’ll be in good hands and we’ll make sure you’re seen quickly.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger