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Posted Wed 5 June 2019

You can Google your surgeon, check up on their credentials, find out where they trained and what their specialties are, and even see their photo. But what you really want to know is what they’re like as a person. Are they friendly, down to earth and on the same wavelength? Will they give you time and answer the questions that are on your mind, even if they seem a bit trivial? One of our patients writes about Miss Rose and gives you a good answer to that all important question: ‘what’s she like?’

My consultant Miss Victoria Rose is brilliant indeed… I instantly felt comfortable around her, and I knew I could trust her to carry out my treatment…She is someone that has integrity, good morals and principles…Miss Rose is very patient, she is ridiculously honest, she is incredibly polite, she is extremely attentive, she listens to everything you say…She will answer every single question even if it is silly or random…She is very thorough when she explains the procedure, your anatomy, the risks associated with surgery, what she can and can’t do…When she writes her clinical letters, she literally includes everything that is discussed during the consultation, she doesn’t miss a single point…I know if I have a problem she will make time to provide a solution if needs be…I trust her with my eyes closed and if myself or any of my loved ones ever underwent surgery…I know we will be in very safe hands.

Our thanks for such heartfelt comments.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger