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Posted Wed 19 June 2019

The media is full of plastic surgery stories, from speculation about who has and who may have, to photos of eye-popping extremes. Some life-changing cases won't be splashed all over social media: patients who need more complex and subtle surgery. Here a patient talks about her experience to correct asymmetry under the care of Miss Victoria Rose:

I wanted to write this letter to express how grateful I am to you for giving me confidence in my body. The symmetry you have achieved is amazing and I didn't need to have implants, so I'm over the moon! You were incredibly warm and always put me at ease throughout the repeated surgeries, partly due to your deeply caring manner but also because I trusted you so much. I felt you really understood what I wanted to achieve. So thank you very much for taking my case on, and as much as I hope I won't be requiring your surgical skills anytime soon, I feel very lucky to have been treated by such a talented surgeon.

Our thanks and best wishes to this patient for taking the time to write.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger