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Posted Tue 6 August 2019

If the media is to be believed, for plastic surgery, bigger is always better. You’ll have seen the photos and read about who has and who might have. In reality, the opposite can be true. Breast reduction is a very successful procedure with high levels of patient satisfaction. Women who have suffered years of backache, shoulder pain and difficulty finding clothes that fit, are delighted with surgery that reduces their breast size to one that’s proportional to their frame. So often they comment: I don’t know why I left it so long! One such patient writes about how she feels post-surgery:

I thought that having my eyelids and facelift was the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life, but the breast lift and reduction was actually the VERY BEST THING! So thank you so very, very much for all that you’ve done for me.

From the first time I saw you, you’ve been so kind and approachable and made me feel so comfortable about the procedures that I wanted to have done. Straightaway I knew that this journey was going to be fun and would have a good outcome: and it has!

At first I couldn’t believe that this lovely new body belonged to me, but of course it does and I am so happy with it. I’ve done too much shopping, but the excitement of being able to buy tops in size 16 instead of 22 or 24 has been too much of a temptation.

People have said that I look slimmer, and that’s because I haven’t got ‘Big Girls’ anymore!!

So thanks a million for everything!

If you feel breast reduction may be right for you, just pick up the phone for more information, or to book a consultation. It could be life changing.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger