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Posted Wed 4 September 2019

On occasion a patient is referred when they are already in hospital. If you've ever been in hospital, you'll know that you feel a little more vulnerable than when up and about. You're not feeling your best and there is always a slight anxiety about the journey back to full health. At these moments, a kind and caring consultant can make all the difference. Here one such patient writes about how she got on:

My first meeting with Mr David Gateley was late afternoon about 7 weeks ago, whilst in a hospital bed.

I knew I was going to like him immediately, as he entered the room making a very funny remark, and saying “call me David” and I knew I was in good hands, as anyone who can make you laugh when you are not at your best has to be a remarkable man

Since then I have had the chance to have contact with everyone in the office who have all been wonderful, with nothing being too much trouble, which has made this path I’ve been on, a very easy one, and I am now recovering very well and it’s hard to find the words to thank everyone for all their kindness.

I asked my lovely private GP once why some Consultants spoke very little, and he replied that they were much more at ease when their patients were asleep on the operating table!! I believe that with Mr Gateley, there is a warmth that emanates from him with all his patients, that comes from the heart, and he is truly an amazing surgeon and along with his staff you are in the very safest of hands.

Our thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger