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Posted Wed 4 September 2019

I was waiting at the station the other day for a friend. Her train was delayed and I was bored enough to watch the rolling adverts on the screen by the exit gates. If you haven’t seen the Method ad campaign, give yourself a treat: sit down and enjoy this colourful, ground breaking Drag Cleans campaign, in partnership with the LGBT Foundation.

It’s loud and houseproud, thanks to Cheddar Gorgeous’s incarnations as the Virgin Queen, the Mythical Unicorn or the Spirits of the Forest and the Sea. You’ll never grab a cleaning product again without smiling.

Drag is disruptive, attention-grabbing, entertaining and escapist, spotlighting issues of gender identity, sexuality and inclusion. It celebrates self-expression and difference. If people respond positively to drag, they are perhaps more likely to accept non-binary and trans people. Drag performers are artists, mixing up gender, pop culture and music, comedy and collage. Elaborate, larger than life, they defy anyone to ignore them. Beige they ain’t, challenging they certainly are about body and identity, pioneering causes close to their heart and kicking conventional stereotypes into touch.

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Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger