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Posted Wed 2 October 2019

After the 'interesting' weather off Cap Finistère (Dare to Lead's Skipper Guy Waites' choice of word!) the crew enjoy some R&R in marina before departing on the next race leg, writes David Gateley:

6 days in Portimão, on the southern coast of Portugal, a beautiful estuary of the River Arade. The marina is excellent, welcoming to the entire Clipper Fleet and support staff. The Clipper fleet tower over the other boats in the marina with their battle flags displayed and rippling in the balmy breeze. All boats need to be deep cleaned and provisioned ready for the next race. This means everything has to come off the boat so that the floor boards can be lifted and the bilges cleaned and all stopcocks checked. All boats are refuelled, and fresh water in the tanks. We also have six jerrycans of fresh water which we would take with us should we need to abandon ship. All winches are serviced and the engine checked.

We also have a full itinerary of parties, including Prize Giving to attend. The town has been very welcoming. We are all keen to get on and start race 2 across the Atlantic to Uruguay.

We await further updates as Dare to Lead sails down the coast of Brazil. Follow the race progress on:

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger