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Posted Wed 9 October 2019

When you're thinking about a cosmetic procedure, you want to ask someone who's had it what it's really like. How will it feel? What is the journey like? You want to put your mind at rest about each stage, from when you first meet your consultant, through the actual procedure, to the aftercare and the end result. Read on to find out about eyelid surgery from a patient who has recently had a Blepharoplasty procedure:

My visits to DRG Plastic Surgery for a blepharoplasty procedure have been fabulous. The initial contact was incredibly helpful and arrival etc was straightforward and very easy. Staff, the surroundings and cleanliness in the clinic were exemplary. All contact with all staff was outstanding. My consultation with Mr Gateley was informative, he explained all of the options to me and was fully supportive of the decisions that I made. My appointment for the surgery came through really quickly and again everything was clearly explained to me.

The procedure was straightforward without any complications and again all of the staff were polite, friendly and incredibly helpful. All after care was clearly explained to me in order that I get the best possible result. The follow up appointment for stitch removal was also without issue and I felt incredibly cared for and well looked after.

The results of my blepharoplasty are outstanding. I am absolutely thrilled. 4 weeks on and I have some minor scaring left which is improving daily and a little redness so am very confident that will disappear soon. i cannot recommend Mr Gateley and his team highly enough.

Our thanks to this patient for finding the time to write about her experience. Of course, if you have any questions or would like more information, just give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger