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Posted Wed 9 October 2019

Having finished the ocean sprint with speeds increasing towards the end we are setting our sights on Punta del Este now in earnest. The sky remains blue and heatstroke a real concern still as we head south. Breaks down below essential to rest and re-hydrate during our watches. We continue on port tack and the wind is now backing onto our beam. Our sails trimmed accordingly we are averaging 11-12 knots which is very healthy. The spirit on the boat continues to be high with everyone pulling together. Our skipper Guy continues to guide us through long days and nights. The southern trades are consistent so no sail changes have been required for days. The bilges need to be regularly emptied as in all boats there are inevitable leaks. Sleeping due to the heat is patchy but we all close our eyes and dream of Punta.

David Gateley, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon