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Posted Wed 16 October 2019

Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction surgery brings the most patient satisfaction. Neck and back pain may reduce, posture improve and activity levels increase. One patient writes about her experience of Breast Reduction surgery under the care of Consultant Plastic Surgeon Miss Victoria Rose:

It is now just over six months since my op and I continue to be absolutely delighted with the results. Should have done it years ago!

My patient journey honestly couldn’t have been better. By the last appointment, seeing you felt like a catch-up with friends. I felt comfortable and confident from meeting you for the first time. What a stroke of luck that I saw your letter in the Telegraph which drew you to my attention.

The initial consultations and follow-up appointments with you were relaxed, informative and never hurried. The op itself was really a piece of cake. Almost from getting back to my room afterwards, I felt absolutely fine, was speaking to my husband and texting friends. The pain was minimal, I went home the next day and cooked dinner that evening.

Six months on my breasts feel entirely normal and the scars are fading. It is a joy not to be carrying that weight around on my shoulders and great to be able to buy pretty bras and swimsuits.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that no one has noticed. A few people have said I look well or that I seem to have lost weight. In other words, I look myself, only better.

Our thanks to this patient for taking the time to write about what it was like for her.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger