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RHINOPLASTY - patients look back

Posted Wed 27 November 2019

If you are considering surgery to your nose, what you really want to know is 'is it worth it?' Will I be glad I had it? Looking back, what will I feel about it? We asked two patients for their thoughts following surgery and this is what they said:

I want to iterate how grateful I am and delighted I am with the results, I can't articulate how much it has changed my life.

And this patient, who describes her doubts before embarking on the process:

I was apprehensive before our first meeting as I wasn’t sure what was possible and whether rhinoplasty was an option for me. Mr Gateley was honest and clear on what I could expect and now the results are exactly that. During our conversations before the operation I was able to ask all the questions I had. I was very comfortable at New Victoria hospital and all went well with the operation.I had a minor concern during the healing process so I contacted Mr Gateley’s office and I was immediately able to see someone to solve the problem. 6 months later the results are great and I am really pleased I went through the process.

If you are considering Rhinoplasty, just pick up the phone: we can answer any questions you may have and book you an initial consultation if you wish.

Catherine Cowen, Plastic Surgery Blogger