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I cannot recommend highly enough

Posted Thu 3 June 2021

I was recommended to Mr Gateley by a friend and I liked him instantly. I was actually initially unsure as to whether I wanted to undergo the surgery and Mr Gateley did not pressurise me in any way. In fact, I was told to go away and think very carefully about it. It took me the best part of six months to do so! At our second meeting the procedure was explained to me again in detail, the risks associated with it and the results I could expect. Mr Gateley was very clear with me, extremely patient and always charming! I was very well looked after on the day of the surgery and my aftercare too was excellent. I recall sending texts to Mr Gateley with some queries about symptoms I was experiencing well outside ‘office hours’. His response was immediate and reassuring. Mr Gateley is always good humoured and always there to consult with should the need arise, I was quite disappointed when I was ultimately ‘signed off’! I am considering some other procedures in the future (although once again under no pressure to have them) and will without hesitation call on Mr Gateley for his expertise, skill and care. I cannot recommend him highly enough.