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I was totally supported

Posted Thu 3 June 2021

When you are told the best thing for your breast cancer is to have a mastectomy it is a massive shock! My breast surgeon Mr Sharma put me in touch with Miss Rose and I had a long meeting with her, she gave me a few different options showing me photographs of past patients and by the end of the meeting I had decided to go for a DIEP reconstruction, mainly because I wanted my own body in my own body! I cannot recommend her more highly, I felt completely safe at all times. Madeleine and Nicky were amazing, organising and contacting me for the operations and appointments. I had a wound on my new breast that took quite a while to heal, following a previous lumpectomy. During every dressing clinic I went to, either seeing Miss Rose or Sandy I was reassured every time and eventually it healed well. I had a few more operations to my tummy and to make the breast more even. Now two years on having had a mammogram and ultrasound last week, I am free of cancer and very happy with the outcome. I feel very lucky to have been in such capable hands during a traumatic time in my life. Thank you Miss Rose and your wonderful team.