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Rebuilding a woman’s breast to match the existing one is part science and part art

Posted Thu 28 October 2021

I was very fortunate to fall into the care of Miss Rose. She worked in tandem with my surgeon, Mr Banerjee to enable me to have immediate DIEP breast reconstruction after he had performed the mastectomy I needed. When I first met her, she explained the entire procedure to me as if it was the first time she was doing it, not the hundredth. She was patient and thorough, drawing me diagrams as she spoke to make it all clear. She was calm and understanding which is just what you need when you feel like all the certainty in your life has just been taken away.

After the operation she visited me every day in hospital, she is much loved and respected by the staff and more than once she and Mr Banerjee were referred to as the ‘dream team’.

In terms of the surgery, I have been fortunate that everything has gone to plan. I have healed up remarkably quickly and writing this today at almost 12 weeks I feel fit and well and look virtually the same as I did before my cancer diagnosis. Breast reconstruction is a crude description of what she actually did, rebuilding a woman’s breast to match the existing one is part science and part art.

Miss Rose is obviously an incredibly talented and skilled surgeon but almost more importantly she is also a very calm and kind person and that really matters when you are contemplating life altering surgery.

I cannot recommend her enough.