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Please know, Miss Rose, you helped save my life - You are incredible

Posted Thu 21 April 2022

My experience of having plastic surgery with Miss Rose and her amazing team has been incredible. Like most people I was exceptionally nervous and worried about what I would experience and what my surgical results would be like. Upon first meeting Miss Rose during my face to face consultation, I was instantly put at ease. Not only is Miss Rose exceptionally knowledgeable and talented in this area of expertise, but she is personable, respectful and clearly really cares about her patients. I instantly felt that I could trust her and her decision making around my case. I felt I was in very safe hands.

The process that followed was very efficient indeed. The team contacted me at various points and guided me through the process of things that needed to be completed before my surgery could take place. Things like pre op checks, Covid swabs, surgical garment purchases, and payment etc. They were brilliant, and never made me feel that any question was too silly to ask. I felt supported and guided through every step of the way, and importantly, I felt I had a contact I could phone/email if I was unsure of anything.

The hospital that I had my surgery at was Parkside hospital in Wimbledon, and although the décor was dated, it was pleasant, clean and sufficient for my needs. The staff that looked after me were brilliant; kind, caring and extremely efficient from start to finish. I’d like to give a special mention to Anja- who was the lovely nurse who booked me in when I arrived and got me changed for my operation. She made me feel at ease and she helped to relax my nerves, which I greatly appreciated. I’d also like to say a special thank you to my nurse Paula who cared for me throughout the night after my operation. She was a bank nurse covering the night shift and she was brilliant. No job was too much for her. It was an exceptionally busy night for her shift as well and she continued to work hard and be amazing. I am so thankful for her post op care. The whole team at Parkside Hospital were polite, caring and efficient from the beginning at reception check in, right the way through to my discharge and collection of medication at the pharmacy, the next day.

My post procedural care once I was discharged was great. I had my follow up appointments booked before the surgery even took place, so I knew I would be seeing someone at regular intervals, and I also had contact details for my nurse, Sandie, should anything worry me. I’d like to say a very special thanks to Sandie Ruston. She was my nurse who guided me in purchasing my post op garments before my surgery, and she was also the first to see me post operatively, to remove my stitches and change my dressings. She was incredible. So helpful and approachable. Her nursing care was second to none and she was very gentle with me after surgery to ensure there was minimal pain. I found out later in my recovery that Sandie was actually present during my surgery, which I wasn’t aware of, and she helped with the stitching. I have to say, she has a fantastic talent there, as the stitching of my incisions was incredible!

My surgical results I literally cannot fault AT ALL. I am so very happy with how things have turned out. Thanks to Miss Rose and her team I am free and have a new lease of life. I will be eternally grateful for the incredible care and results I have received, and I can highly recommend Miss Rose. She has a finesse that she brings to her surgery, and the proof is in the results that she produces. The words “Thank you” just don’t do how grateful I am justice, but please know, Miss Rose, you helped save my life- You are incredible.