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Neck Liposuction

Posted Thu 18 May 2023

We receive lots of requests for management of the neck and this presents to a woman as either a small central area of fat under the chin, or a more global area of fat in the neck itself. The first scenario with central fat is easily treated using a local anaesthetic procedure at Nakedhealth MEDISPA, Wimbledon by infiltrating that area with local anaesthetic and then removing the fat using a cannula attached to a suction device. The procedure takes about 30 minutes via one small access incision, just under the chin, which cannot be seen, this is then closed with a small stitch, which is removed at one week. Patients need to wear a compression neck support for a week, 24/7 and then just at night, for 3 months to improve the contour. The most important issue of course is that once the fat has been removed the skin has to contract, depending on the elasticity of the skin, that may or may not happen to the level that the patient requires. This is really the crux of the conversation one has with our patients. There is a direct relationship between age and skin elasticity, and that is something that each patient needs to be examined for and a discussion had. If you are thinking about having small amounts of fat removed from your neck then do contact the office to arrange a consultation.