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Clearly an expert at making you feel safe in his hands

Posted Thu 29 June 2023

I had been thinking about breast reduction for 10 years when I heard about David Gateley. I was incredibly nervous about going under the knife but desperately wanted the operation. It was only by chance that I met somebody else who’d had the op with David and was so happy with him and her new breasts , that I decided to take the leap. My first consultation was very reassuring. David has such a calm and gentle manner, very unassuming, yet clearly an expert at making you feel safe in his hands. There was no hard sell, indeed he didn’t even ask to see my breasts, I showed them anyway! By the end of the consultation, I was ready to have the operation that day. There is a cooling off period of a couple of weeks and I then booked in for the big day. I cannot praise the ladies at DRG plastic surgery enough, both Nicky and Madelaine were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, they helped me decide where to have the operation and organised a chat with the amazing Sandy, who is the after care nurse but who also talks you through everything you need to know , down to what type of post op bras to buy. I decided to have my op at The New Victoria in Kingston and on the morning I arrived , I was greeted by lovely, warm nurses and shortly after being shown to my room, David came to have a chat, talked me through it and drew on my breasts with a rather fetching shade of green pen. Shortly after I was taken down to theatre and again, was met by a lovely anaesthetist ( It seems that if you work with David , you have to be lovely!) Back in my room ,post op, I could already see how amazing the results were and was elated. David came to see me and told me that all had gone well and that he was happy. I stayed the night at the hospital, I could have gone home but chose to stay. I left the next morning and really felt little pain, I wasn’t able to drive for a week or so , the seat belt would have been uncomfortable anyway but was pretty much up and about after a day or so and gently walked my dog. I then went to Naked Health in Kingston for my after care each week, Sandy took out stitches and gently removed the dressings. David was there too at each appointment to check that all was well. I remember David telling me at our first meeting that breast reduction is his favourite operation and I can see why. It’s really life changing , I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes ( which is terrible!) I haven’t told many people about the operation but have had many comments about how I look like I’ve lost weight and look fantastic but also someone told me that I walk differently, I guess I’m lighter and more confident! David Gately is brilliant and I would say that he’s the best in his field, so much so that I’ve recommended him to 3 friends, one who has had the op with him since and is also ecstatic with the results and the other two are already booked in with him. My only regret is that I waited 10 years.