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Fat Grafting

Posted Thu 28 September 2023

Fat grafting to the face under local anaesthesia offers a range of compelling benefits for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation. Firstly, this minimally invasive procedure enables patients to achieve natural and long-lasting results without the need for general anaesthesia, reducing the associated risks and recovery time. By using local anaesthesia, patients can remain awake and comfortable during the procedure, while the surgeon carefully harvests fat from areas with excess, such as the abdomen or thighs, and skilfully injects it into the targeted facial regions. This not only ensures a safer experience but also allows for precise contouring, addressing issues like sunken cheeks, deep wrinkles, or hollow eye areas. Moreover, fat grafting utilises the patient's own fat, minimising the risk of allergic reactions or rejection, and it often provides more natural-looking outcomes compared to synthetic fillers. Depending on what part of the fat is injected there are also benefits to be had with the overall quality of the skin. Fat grafting under local anaesthesia presents a safe, versatile, and lasting solution for those seeking facial rejuvenation with added body contouring benefits. The procedure takes about 60 minutes and if you’re interested book in for a consultation with Mr David Gateley who would happily explain the treatment in more detail.