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Posted Wed 11 July 2018

If you’re like me, the summer has crept up on you when you weren’t looking. One moment it’s Easter and hailing, next minute it’s summer and you’re supposed to be bikini ready. Guess who forgot to schedule in their appointments. With a six week post op recovery period, it’s now too late to be up and running again for the summer holiday. Emergency measures are called for. Here is my step by step guide for the summer unready:

1 Plan surgery now for the autumn. Get it in your diary and ours so that when the kids go back, you can have your downtime and be glowing again for the October half term. Beat the rush and bask in that smug feeling.

2 Swapping your daily latte for a flat black trims 178 calories a day. That’s 1246 a week and 4984 in a month. I’m liking the savings!

3 Nails: treat yourself to a drop dead gorgeous colour, maybe a little bolder than your usual. Three coats and you’re good to go. Away for the weekend? Take the bottle to touch up accidental chips.

4 Hair: same old same old for a while? Have a friend snap you on their phone and email you the pic. It’ll help you view yourself as others see you. If you’re like me, you’ll die a million deaths and head straight for the salon. Go for a nice choppy cut and follow with gold plated conditioner.

5 Exercise: get off that sofa and follow one of my two favourite plans. The first involves just one press up on the first day. See how easy that is? Then do just one more each day. Again we’re talking incremental changes that make all the difference. By the end of a month you’re doing 30 press ups a day. Piece of cake! If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off.

The second is the Daily Mile. If primary school kids can run for 15 minutes a day, so can I. And you know what? I really can! A great excuse for some hot new Lycra and I’m off. So that’s 7 miles by the end of the first week. Be sure to tell everyone so that when your legs start to ache you’re committed to keeping going as you can’t admit to failing.

6 Balcony, front doorstep or garden? Get thee to a garden centre or even the supermarket when the bedding plants come in. Couple of red geraniums and come nicotiana (sounds so like smoking that we love them!) and that’s your kerb appeal sorted. Nicotiana Eau de Cologne is a beauty btw.

7 Mood: feeling low and wintery? Ask Alexa for a summer playlist. Groovin on a summer afternoon always does it for me, as does Despacito and some oldies like Endless Summer by the Beach Boys. Shake your booty, dance round the kitchen and make an indecent proposal to your partner. Who said bad girls have all the fun?

Have a great summer. Whatever the weather, you’ll be bikini ready, even if it’s under a cagoule in the drizzle!

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