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Posted Fri 21 September 2018

So you’ve met with your consultant, read the information about your procedure and have decided to go ahead. But what’s it really like to have plastic surgery? That’s what you’d love to know. To get the low down from someone who’s had it, with no spin, gloss or air brushing. A first hand account from a patient in her own words.

Well, read on…

I gave birth to large twins via caesarean section. My stomach was completely ruined and despite eating healthily and exercising regularly, the stomach stayed. There was nothing I could have done and it ruined my self confidence and simply looked horrific!

I was introduced to Mr Gateley via two of his previous patients. I thought that plastic surgery and a tummy tuck was a dream not for the likes of me. I am delighted I ignored this misconception.

Mr Gateley and his team have a wonderful way with people, care and do an amazing job. I was in safe, capable hands through the whole process and every little detail from start to finish was catered for.

He is a totally safe surgeon that has a wonderful way with people and is obviously hugely experienced answering any question in detail and with a magnitude of knowledge. Whilst he is totally in charge at all times and is clearly the boss in this process, he treats his patients with compassion and respect. He really is an artist in a surgeon’s world!

The whole team answer any questions and concerns in great detail and are always on hand pre and post operation.

A tummy tuck is not a walk in the park but with Mr Gateley and his team it was actually an enjoyable experience.

Mr Gateley did a fantastic job and the result is a stomach that I thought was a dream.

Our heartfelt thanks to this patient for sharing her experience.

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