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Posted Wed 24 October 2018

One of the key things patients appreciate in a surgeon is honesty: to be told what will really happen, rather than a vague, dismissive ‘Don’t worry, it’ll be fine!’ Deciding to have surgery can feel like a huge decision and being well informed about the journey ahead is vitally important. To this end, we’ve included a patient’s narrative of how it felt when surgery wasn’t straightforward.

‘The procedures I underwent were less than straightforward and I cannot praise too highly the treatment I received from the DRG Plastic Surgery team. Miss Victoria Rose, my surgeon, was not only highly skilled and efficient, but charming, reassuring, patient and fun.

The team in the office were always helpful and friendly, working wonders with their amazing organising abilities. I also had occasion to meet Mr David Gateley on a couple of occasions and I again was impressed by his sound advice and reassurance. A wonderful team.

With the various setbacks I had, it could have been a horrendous experience, but it wasn’t and that was due to the lovely people I met and dealt with.’

As a patient you can be reassured that our plastic surgeons will personally manage your care from initial consultation until final discharge. This is by no means standard in plastic surgery, but Mr Gateley and Miss Rose feel this is important to ensure the best possible patient journey.

Catherine Cowen writing as Patience Wellbeing, Plastic Surgery Blogger