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RHINOPLASTY - a patient tells it like it is

Posted Wed 7 November 2018

Sometimes surgery does not go quite as planned and a patient comes to us, wanting previous surgery by another surgeon put right. They choose DRG Plastic Surgery for the experience and honesty that they know inform Mr David Gateley and Miss Victoria Rose’s decisions: surgeons at the top of their game who tell it like it is.

Here a patient writes about her experience of revision rhinoplasty:

“I first found out about Mr Gateley through a recommendation from another surgeon. I wanted a revision rhinoplasty due to poor healing of my bridge from my previous primary surgery by another surgeon.

When I met Mr Gateley he was very reassuring yet realistic and also explained the procedure to me thoroughly. I was happy with the results but after six months I noticed a bump where my cartilage appeared not to have healed straight.

I contacted Mr Gateley and went to see him. He explained that it could be fixed and was caused by the cartilage shifting back to its original position. I waited until it was 12 months from the first revision and went in to have the further surgery with no charge.

I found Mr Gateley was always very welcoming and reassuring. The hospitals I went to included Parkside and Spire St Anthony‘s and were very modern and clean, with great staff. I would definitely recommend Mr Gateley. I would be very happy to go back if I ever wanted any further surgical procedures.”

If you find yourself wondering if previous surgery needs correcting, book an appointment. You’ll get an honest appraisal giving you all the facts you need to decide what next.

Catherine Cowen writing as Patience Wellbeing, Plastic Surgery Blogger