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Posted Tue 27 June 2017

My father learnt woodwork from an old man in Australia so my childhood is perfumed with wood shavings. I spent weekends holding bits of wood while he planed, sanded and wire woolled until the surface was silky smooth. All done by hand with no whining power tools. It was true craftsmanship.

A visit to Naked Health brought these memories flooding back. I had popped in to ask about skin care. I usually pick up a pot of whatever cream is on half price in the high street. Words like Firm, Radiant and recently Mature usually steer my choice. Where was I going wrong?

Turns out skin is like wood. You wouldn’t pour beeswax on a rough plank as no matter how much you smoothed it in, it would still be rough to the touch. Similarly, I was told, slathering moisturiser onto unprepared skin just means I look greasier than a gamer’s ponytail, whilst doing nothing to improve my face. I am missing a trick. Skin needs to be prepared so that products actually penetrate below the surface.

I was put right about a few other skincare myths. Higher price does not equal better product. It’s what’s inside that counts, not how beautiful the packaging looks in my bathroom. The best skincare products are dermatologist led and focus on countering free radicals with antioxidants. There’s more to skin care than I realised. One size does not fit all: everyone’s skin is different based on their age, ethnicity, environment and medical history. That’s where Naked Health come in. They will assess your skin and advise on the products that will best help it to bloom. (I fell for a gorgeous multi-tasking foundation/sun protection/moisturiser – time- and face-saving.) You can pop in for an assessment with no obligation to buy. I guarantee you’ll leave a whole lot more savvy.

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