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Fat Injection

What is it?

Fat injection is a technique that transfers fat from one area of the body to another. It is used to restore shape, volume and definition to areas such as breasts and buttocks, and also to fill age related wrinkles and lines or hollows particularly on the face. Fat is harvested from fat rich areas such as the buttock, thigh or abdomen, with minimal access liposuction techniques, where the scars are hidden in natural crease lines. The fat is then separated and concentrated before being injected with a fine cannula into areas requiring treatment. The process has been dramatically refined over recent years to increase the survival of the fat once it has been injected. This procedure can also be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as a face-lift or mastopexy to enhance the result.

Why have it?

With age there is loss of tissue volume, particularly in the cheek area, giving a sunken look to the face. Fat injection provides volume and can reshape cheek hollows and augment the areas over the cheekbones to give a more youthful appearance. It is also beneficial when used to treat lines and depressions surrounding the mouth and chin. In the breast it can offer an increase of 1-2 cup sizes and avoid the need for implants. It can also be combined with an uplift and address minor volume asymmetry. Fat grafting is also useful to correct scar indentations.

Reasons not to have it?

Liposuction can cause swelling and bruising and pressure garments are advised following this. If you are thin, liposuction for fat grafting can cause some contour irregularities where the fat is harvested. Temporary numbness can occur. Fat grafting also normally takes 2 to 3 sessions before the final volume is achieved.

The Short Version

Removing fat from one area to increase and improve volume in another. Swelling and bruising are common but you need enough fat stores to have the procedure. It normally takes 2-3 sessions to achieve the desired result.

Procedure Stats

  • General Anaesthetic
  • In Patient
  • Recovery 4-6 Weeks

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