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What is it?

A breast lift (mastopexy) reshapes the breast and lifts it to a higher position. It attempts to reverse the effect of gravity and restore a 'droopy' breast, to leave a more youthful, pert breast shape. The volume of the breast is not changed. It takes about 2 hours and drains are usually used which come out the next day. You will therefore need to stay in hospital for at least one night. Recovery takes 4-6 weeks and you need to avoid physical exercise and wear a support bra during this period. We will need to see you weekly for the first few weeks. Bruising and swelling will occur and last for up to one month. Other risks include bleeding, infection, nipple loss or changes in sensation, skin loss, poor scar, lumpiness and asymmetry.

Why have it?

With age, the combination of gravity and the gradual loss of the skin's elasticity, the breast descends into a lower position, and consequently loses its original shape. The effects of pregnancy and breast-feeding worsen this problem.

Reasons not to have it?

Being overweight and smoking can increase the incidence of complications from mastopexy surgery. It may be wise to delay surgery until smoking is stopped or cut down, and a proportion of excess weight lost. Aspirin increases the risk of bleeding by preventing blood from clotting. If you are taking aspirin, you will be asked to stop this for at least ten days before the procedure.

The Short Version

Breast reshaping with skin tightening. A variety of techniques. Scars can be around the nipple and vertically down as well as in the breast crease. Risks include bleeding, infection, nipple or skin loss as well as change in nipple sensation, asymmetry and lumpiness. At least an overnight stay in hospital with recovery taking 4-6 weeks.

Procedure Stats

  • General Anaesthetic
  • In Patient
  • Recovery 4-6 Weeks

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