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Liposuction to areas on abdomen

What is it?

Should you have small areas of fat usually on the lower abdomen, around caesarean section scars or appendix scars, liposuction under local anaesthetic is a very good treatment. The area is initially injected with local anaesthetic and fluid to expand the area and break up the fat, which is then removed with specialized cannulae attached to a suction device.


We would require you to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks after this procedure, having normally seen you at a week to check the wound and 6 weeks to sign you off. Very occasionally, as well as a compression garment we might ask you to wear an insert inside the compression garment to put added pressure on the area treated.

Please note that this procedure and our other local anaesthetic procedures are typically carried out at our medical clinic, Naked Health in Wimbledon.

Procedure Stats

  • Local anaesthetic
  • Day case

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