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What is it?

We use Aptos threads, which are bidirectional barbed sutures which are applied through a small needle hole, usually in the hairline and then deployed across the cheek and the neck to improve these areas. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic, which is injected initially to numb the areas being treated, and the threads are inserted just under the skin into the face and jawline to improve these areas. We can also do this for the eyebrow to improve the eyebrow position. The issue around threading is that it is an improvement but is not a surgical procedure and therefore the degree of tightening is not as great. One has to be careful about infection with threads, as they are difficult to remove should they become infected, so care has to be taken initially to ensure that the procedure is carried out in a sterile way.

Please note that this procedure and our other local anaesthetic procedures are typically carried out at our medical clinic, Naked Health in Wimbledon.

Procedure Stats

  • Local anaesthetic
  • Day case

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