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Gender Reassignment

This is only available with referral from a recognised Gender Identity Clinic. We perform both Female to Male (Masculinising Chest Wall) and Male to Female (MtF) chest wall reconstruction. The main information for MtF chest wall reconstruction can be found under the Breast Augmentation tab in the Cosmetic Surgery menu.

Masculinising Chest Wall Surgery

Masculinising Chest Wall reconstruction can be performed via two main approaches, either via an infra-mammary (in the breast crease) scar or peri-areolar (around the nipple) scar techniques. The most suitable one for you will depend on how much excess glandular breast tissue is present as well as how much excess breast skin is present. In both techniques the scars are intended to be as discreet as possible. It does however take 18 months for scars to fully mature thus the end appearance can improve during this period. The main aims of the surgery are to remove excess breast tissue and skin, reduce the size of the nipple and reposition the nipple to a higher and more lateral masculine position. The surgery requires a general anaesthetic and you will need to stay in hospital for at least 1 night. Drains are used and these will be removed before you go home. You will go home with dressings and a compression bandage and we will need to see you in the clinic at weekly intervals to check on wound healing. The specific complications that can occur are loss of the nipple sensation, loss of the nipple itself, asymmetry of nipple size, shape and colour, over reduction causing indentation of the chest wall, under correction leaving some breast tissue behind, asymmetry of scars and wound infection and bleeding. Swelling and bruising are also common and seromas can form when the drains have been removed. Seromas are fluid collections within a surgical wound that may require drainage in the outpatient clinic. We will be able to assess the most suitable method of reconstruction talking you through the procedure and recovery period as well as showing you clinical before and after photographs.

Reasons not to have it

Being overweight and smoking can increase the incidence of complications from this type of surgery particularly loss of the nipple. It is always wise to stop smoking completely before this procedure and achieve your target weight. Weight loss following this operation can cause unwanted skin sagging.

Aspirin increases the risk of bleeding by preventing blood from clotting. If you are taking aspirin you will be asked to stop this for at least ten days before the procedure.

The Short Version

Procedure Stats

  • General anaesthetic
  • In patient
  • Recovery 4-6 weeks

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